Search Engine Bot Logger Tool 1.1
A free, open source, search engine bot logger, for Linux and FreeBSD.

Search Engine Bot Logger 1.1 lets you tag pages to log when search engines spider your website and is free and open source. It is simple and easy-to-use.

System requirements:


Find out out when and where search engine bots / spiders are crawling your site.


email reports and/or log file reports for 32 spiders / bots, monitor php and html files.


Edit the "bots.php" file and replace:

$email = "";
with your email address (in case you do not want email reports leave this
field empty ""),

$log = "./bots.log";
with the name of the log file where all visits are saved (in case you do
not want to log reports leave this field empty $log = "";
Make sure you set write permissions on this file!

To monitor php files Include the "bots.php" to every PHP file you want to monitor:


download SEBLT click here

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